Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A Working Mother

M.M.M.Ahmed,ProactivePersonality Developer


* Increased independence.

* Financial rewards-the chance to raise the standard of living of your family.

* Career fulfilment-the chances to use whatever training and qualifications you may have.

* More intense interaction with your child when you are at home.

* Intellectual need to work-you may feel bored and lonely at home.

* Ability to maintain a high profile in your chosen field of work.


* Sense of guilt and inadequacy because you feel you are neglecting your child.

* Isolation from the community.

* Extreme tiredness because you will be juggling two jobs at once.

* Great Stress due to dual responsibilities and the need to be constantly planning ahead.

* Resentment of the other full-time mothers in your community.

* Difficulty and concerns about finding and keeping good children.

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