Sunday, April 20, 2008

Parents and Teachers' Role Towards Students

M.M.M.Ahmed, Editor, Proactive Personality Developer

* The Parents and the Teachers should not neglect the students. It is better to devote a little more time in moulding the children than repairing the men later

*The students are super- saturated with bookish knowledge but are unable to apply that in practical terms

* The Parents and the teachers are responsible for the mental get up of the students.

* The Parents and the Teachers should not compare the students. Every student is endowed with special traits and shortcomings. He or She needs special treatment.

* The students should be interested in everything taught and education should appear like a play. But the parents and the Teachers often make the mistake of teaching the student forcibly.

* The students should be allowed to grow freely and to learn freely without fear to observe things, explore and do for themselves for all- round personality development.

The Students need Warm, Encouraging and Conductive Environment

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